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E-Z Clip Corner Bed Sheet Straps
Our SHEET STRAPS keep the fitted sheets tight and from coming off the mattress. When attached to the top sheets, it keeps  the rest of your bedding where it belongs...on the bed

Just attach our bedding supplies by attaching one strap to the sheets at each corner at the underside of the mattress and then attach it to the adjacent side of the sheets. Even a child can attach it. Once secured, your sheets will stay on the mattress-guaranteed

  • 1 Set of 4 E-Z Clip Corner Sheet Straps 

E-Z Clip Corner Bed Sheet Straps
  • Save money and order 2 Sets of  4  E-Z Clip Corner Sheet Straps
Simply Attach To Each Corner
I use the bedding supplies (E-Z Clip Corner Bed Sheet Straps) on my top sheets in order to keep the bedding from coming off the mattress and since I am in a wheelchair, it makes it much, much easier for me to make up the bed. I invented these bedding supplies with nothing in mind but easy mobility by making things easier to attach and these corner sheet straps are a plus for anyone no matter who they are. These will soon reach millions of households and the popularity will rise. Get yours now before the price goes up. A must have for your mattresses, saves time by making it easier to make up your bed. Just simply attach about 1 foot from each corner. If we can be of any help, contact me 24/7 


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