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My name is Ricky Taylor, Owner of Taylor. I am a successful inventor and manufacturer of the everlasting, easy to use  bedding supplies  (E-Z Clip Pillowholds, Middle and Corner Bed Sheet Straps). The E-Z Clip Pillowhold will keep your pillow in place and the E-Z Clip Bed Sheet Straps ONLY from Taylors  bedding supplies will solve your problem of your sheets not staying on your mattress. You do not have to tolerate this problem. This idea came to me while I was in the hospital in "1993". The pillow and sheets just would not stay in place on the mattress, when I raised the head of the bed, the pillow would falI, I knew I needed something to keep it in place and there were no bedding supplies I could find that would do this. and and as far as the sheets staying on the mattress, nothing, except those hard to use garter type thing's you find at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc and the nurses did not like them because they were so hard to use. I could not find anything to hold my pillow in place after searching through  bedding supplies, so I went to work when I was released and I  invented the Patented Pillowhold, E-Z Clip Bed  & the E-Z Clip Corner Sheet Straps which are manufactured by Taylors  bedding supplies. That was in "93" and we have sold many of these bedding supplies (pillowholds to hold your pillow and sheet straps to keep your sheets on the mattress since then). I also had a thick mattress at home on my bed and could not keep my sheets on it until I used the E-Z Clip Corner Bed Sheet Straps. I tried the sheet straps with the garter type buckles and like the nurses said, those things were so aggravating to use. I have been using these bedding supplies for numerous years and they really work great. Purchase yours now from Taylor's  bedding supplies with a lifetime guarantee. If our products do not work for you, I will personally issue the refund myself.
Ricky Taylor
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will fully refund the cost of your order.
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Disabled in body
I developed these products to use myself and I offer a Lifetime Guarantee and I could not offer this if they did not work!